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Classic Spring Rolls, Vegetarian,(4) $9.50/3

Curry Puff, Vegetarian (4) $9.90/3.50

Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls (4)
Vegetarian $12.00/4
Beef Or Chicken $14.00/4.50
Prawn $18.00/5

Fresh Spring Rolls (Not Fried) Sprouts, Tofu, Shallots & Cucumber in Spring Roll Pastry (12)
Vegetarian $12.00
Chicken $14.00
Prawns or Duck $18

Betel Leaf with Aromatics, Herbs & Coconut (seasonal)
With Prawns $6
With Chicken & Pineapple $5

Satay Chicken With Peanut Sauce (2) $9.00/5

Fish Cake (4) $16.00/4.50

Prawn Crackers with Peanut Satay Sauce $6.90


Gai Yang  $18.00
Country style marinated chicken, sweet chili.

Crying Tiger  $18.00
Country style marinated beef, hot chili.


Tom Yum Pak (Vegetables) $7.90

Tom Yum (Gai Chicken) $8.90

Tom Yum Prawn or Salmon $10.90

Tom Khar Pak (Vegetables) $7.90

Tom Khar Gai (Chicken) $8.90

Tom Khar Prawn or Salmon $10.90


Laksa Vegetarian Tofu $14.50

Laksa Chicken $16.90

Laksa Prawn $20.90

Laksa Salmon $20.90

Laksa Seafood Combo $19.90


Larb Chicken  $18.00 
Lemongrass, lime leaf, mint, lime juice & chilli served on lettuce.

Larb Duck  $22.00
Lemongrass, lime leaf, mint, lime juice,chilli with roast duck, served on lettuce.

Grilled Salmon Salad  $22.00
Glass noodles, herbs, chilli & lime.

Prawn Salad  $24.00 
Glass noodles, lemongrass, mint, chilli & lime.

Green Papaya Salad - Som Tum  $18.90
Chilli, lime, peanuts & herbs.

Som Tum - Gai Yang  $22.00
Chilli, lime, peanuts, herbs and with grilled country chicken.

Som Tum – Nua  $22.00
Chilli, lime, peanuts, herbs and with BBQ marinated beef.

Thai Wagyu Beef Salad  $22.00
Herbs, lime & chilli dressing.

Thai Chicken Salad  $20.00
Herbs, lime, chilli dressing and with grilled country chicken.


Betel Leaf with Grilled scallop with Aromatics herbs & coconut $6.50 each

Chicken San Choy bao (2 piece per serve) $12.90

Salt and Pepper Squid $18

Salt and Pepper Prawns $22

Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoi Sin, Cucumber and Shallots (4) $15.90

“Too hot Too Handle” Crispy pork belly stir fry with green beans and onions braised in spicy bail sauce $25.90

Massaman Curry of Veal – Mild, Aromatic & Slow Cooked with Pumpkin and Potatoes $24

Stir Fried Duck with Yellow Bean, Garlic & Mild Chili $25.90

Kana Moo Krob Stir fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork belly, yellow bean sauce, chili and garlic $25.90

Crispy fried herb Barramundi fillet with green mango salad (seasonal) of sprouts, peanuts, red onion, herbs and Eat Thai house dressing $32

Steamed Whole Saltwater Barramundi with chili lime sauce and coriander serve with steamed green vegetables (Prep : 20 -25 min ) $39

Deep fried Whole Saltwater Barramundi with 3 Flavored Sauce (Pla Sam Rot), Steamed Vegetables and Fresh Herbs $39.00

Deep fried Whole Saltwater Barramundi with green mango (seasonal) salad and Thai dressing mixed with red onion, sprouts, peanut and mint $39

Crispy pork belly salad, Aromatic Thai shredded green mango (seasonal) and Asian herbs mixed with crispy pork belly and chili lime dressing $25.90

Bangkok bbq pork spare ribs & Thai coleslaw marinated, slow baked tender and then finished on charcoals. Small $28/Large $38



Red Curry (mild)

Green Curry

Yellow Curry

Tom Yum Curry
Hot & sour clear broth (no coconut).

Panang Curry Thick & Rich

All curries have the following options:

Vegetarian Tofu $15.90
Beef Fillet, Chicken or Pork $19.90
Seafood Combo or Squid $23.90
Prawn, Salmon or Duck   $26.00


Sweet basil, chili & mixed vegetables.

Fine cut ginger, soy & mixed vegetables.

Garlic and Pepper
Cashew nuts & mixed vegetables.

Pumpkin and Snow Peas
Chili, egg & coriander.

Bamboo shoots, sprouts, vegetables & peanut sauce.

Cashew Nut
Mixed vegetables, mild chili & soy sauce.

Hoi Sin
Snow peas, cucumber, mixed veg & crispy shallots.

Pad Prik King
Peppercorn, ka chai, basil, chili & red curry paste.

Oyster Sauce
Mixed vegetables.

All stir fries have the following options:

Vegetarian Tofu $15.90
Beef Fillet, Chicken or Pork $19.90
Seafood Combo or Squid $23.90
Prawn, Salmon or Duck   $26.00

Noodles and Rice Stir Fry

Pad Thai
Fried rice noodle with egg, tofu, bean sprouts & peanuts.

Holy Basil Krapaow
Fried rice noodle with chilli, sweet basil & vegetables.

Pad See Aew
Fried wide rice noodle with soy, egg & Chinese broccoli.

Thai Fried Rice
With egg, tomato & vegetables (no chilli).

Nasi Goreng
Fried rice with chilli, tofu, egg & vegetables.

All noodles and rice dishes have the following options:

Vegetarian Tofu $15.90
Beef Fillet, Chicken or Pork $19.90
Seafood Combo or Squid $23.90
Prawn, Salmon or Duck   $26.00


Chinese Broccoli and Mushrooms  $8.90
Stir fried with garlic, chilli, yellow bean and oyster sauce.

Steamed or Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables   $7.90
with Oyster Sauce

Organic Brown Rice  $4.50 

Extra Peanut Satay Sauce  $2.50

Steamed Jasmine Rice  $3.90


caramelized pork belly, crunchy pickled vegetable with honey and hoisin sauce $15 for 2 or 8 each
crispy five spice chicken, siracha mayo , lettuce and herbs $15 for 2 , 8 each

Vongole Stir Fried with house special sauce
Pad Cha stir fried with vongole (500 gram) and green bean, snow pea, mushroom with peppercorn, ka chai, chili jam and basil $29

Stir fried Squid Curry
Squid stir fried with chili jam, curry , egg , onion , celery, spring onion and chili $28

Steamed Whole saltwater Barramundi
with ginger and soy , shiitake mushroom serve with steam mix vegetable (Prep 20 – 25 min) $39

Singapore Noodles with Prawn
Thin Rice Noodles with Curry, Shallots, Sprouts & Mixed Vegetables $26.90

“Delicious Duck Soup”
Tasty duck broth served with roasted duck with Asian green veggies, sprouts, herbs and rice noodles $18.90

Steamed Barramundi Fillet (160 -180 gr)
With ginger and soy , shitake mushroom serve with steamed mix vegetable $28
With chili and lime dressing serve with steamed mix vegetable $28

Angus Ribeye Asian Garlic and Black pepper Stirfry
Stir fried angus ribeye beef fillet with onion and homemade garlic and black pepper sauce served with Thai mix salad and cherry tomato $32


Black Sticky with Mango (df, gf)
Warm black sticky rice served in a sweet coconut and organic palm sugar sauce with ripe mango and a scoop of coconut sorbet $12

Eat Thai Pavlova Sundae
Soft meringues, vanilla bean gelato, passion fruit and coconut sorbet, marinated berries and fluffy cream $12

Banana Split (kind of classic)
Split ripe banana, salted caramel peanut butter gelato, cream, nutella fudge sauce and crushed peanuts $12

Chocolate Fondue (Idea for Sharing)
Dark or Milk Chocolate melted to soft for dipping serve with strawberries, banana and marshmallows $16.90

Salted caramel and coconut yoghurt ice cream (df), (gf)
With strawberries, banana and crispy pumpkin and chia seeds, toasted coconut and almond $10

Vanilla bean gelato
Salted caramel peanut butter gelato,
Coconut sorbet (df, gf) ,
Pineapple sorbet (df, gf)

  • Single serve $ 4.50

  • Douple $ 12.00 (one of each)

Pina Colada Cocktail (how refreshing, and alcoholic)
Pineapple and coconut sorbets blended with white rum and coconut liquor $14.90


Eat Thai reserves the right to change menu items and prices without notice.
Allergies and intolerance’s - Whilst we take care in avoiding any contamination of allergens when requested by guests, airborne and cross-contamination can occur as our kitchens are not set up to exclude 100% certain allergens,