Thai food is an Aussie favourite and Sydneysiders have become connoisseurs of the cuisine. It has a signature flavour that we know well, made from the combination of a few essential ingredients such as lemongrass, lime, Thai basil, chilli, garlic and coconut. 

For our full menu click here, or, here are some of our favourite dishes:

You can’t go past the classic Pad Thai. The combination of rice noodles with egg, tofu and crunchy veggies is satisfying all year round. The balance between sweet and salty flavours will always have you coming back for more. 

Another favourite is Satay Chicken. Satay is like the ultimate Thai comfort food. It’s the creamy sauce and the crunchy peanuts that make it so moreish. You can eat it on its own straight off the skewer or pair with rice for a more filling meal. 

If you’re looking for a spicy fix, a green curry will satisfy your cravings. Made with fresh, young green chillies, the addition of coconut milk adds a creamy sweetness. A perfect option for those who want to turn up the heat. 

On warmer days, cool down with a green papaya salad. Papaya, peanuts, herbs and vegetables come together seamlessly with a zesty dressing. A hint of spice in this one will keep you on your toes.  

The secret to cooking quality Thai food? Balance. David Thompson, expert on Thai cuisine and founder of Long Chim says, “Thai food ain't about simplicity. It's about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish.”

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